Courage to Thrive: Sustaining Soul and Role Through Crisis, A Courage & Renewal Retreat

Rev. Maurice H.

"[The retreat] allowed my spirit to catch up with my body. It also reignited my spiritual habits of relaxation and meditation. Completely eliminated stress."

Courage to Thrive: Sustaining Soul and Role Through Crisis, A Courage & Renewal Retreat

Rev. Christy M.

" The experience was like a breath of fresh air after being underwater for an extended period of time. ...

I returned to my ministry setting ready to tackle what awaited me, and able to set some of the boundaries that were wavering a little firmer. I also resolved to be more conscious of my self-care and soul-care activities, and even imagined a few radical and revolutionary dreams for myself and the ministry settings I serve."

Planting & Harvesting Seeds of True Self: A Courage & Renewal Retreat

Rev. Faith Green Timmons

"It was a wonderfully moving experience: organized, Spirit-filled, enlightening, eclectic and fulfilling. I truly felt centered when I left. I encourage everyone to attend. I sincerely can not say enough about how it blessed me."

Courage to Serve Spiritual Renewal Program

Rev. Mike Mayo-Moyle

"I've been familiar with Parker Palmer's work for many years now (Let Your Life Speak is one of the few books I come back to again and again), but I have never had a chance to engage with his work in a community setting until this retreat. I deeply appreciated Sarah's leadership and the opportunity to confront some deep questions of the soul both personally and collectively. Especially as an introvert, I really appreciated the balance for times of quiet, personal reflection, as well as group discussion, with an understanding that there is 'no pressure' to speak if one prefers to remain silent. A great retreat that I'd love to participate in again.”

Courage to Serve Spiritual Renewal Program

Rev. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai

"I recently participated in a spiritual renewal group that is based on Parker Palmer's Courage to Serve series. I had read Courage to Teach, by Palmer, many years ago and was so intrigued by that work that I have continued to go back to the book time and again. I found the Courage to Serve series equally intriguing. It brought me to a deep place of spiritual reflection on the ways in which God's Spirit has intersected with my life and ministry. I found the series a wonderful way to do sabbath and renewal in a group based on honest sharing and trust."