Welcome to Restoring Waters Consulting!


How we choose to show-up at home, work, and in the community matters. How we are present with ourselves, family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors will determine the quality of our relationships and lives.

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Equipping and empowering individuals, congregations, and communities to explore, claim, and live from the place where their beauty co-creates sacred space and transforms the world!


Our Mission

cultivate leaders who co-create sacred space and compassionate, sustainable communities

We can survive, and even thrive, amid the complexities of adulthood by deepening our awareness of the endless inner-outer exchanges that shape us and our world and of the power we have to make choices about them. If we are to do so, we need spaces within us and between us that welcome the wisdom of the soul...
— Parker J. Palmer | A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life

More than just another event...


Restoring Waters Consulting offers a unique type of personal, professional, congregational, and community development focused upon inviting individuals to uncover the deep wisdom within themselves. Exploring who we are, we also discover how to we are interconnected with our neighbors. Together, we hold each other in the beauty of an ever emergent sacred space. In so doing, we gain clarity and capacity to live an increasingly authentic and integrated life and co-create sustainable, compassionate communities.



Retreat Series

journey together throughout the seasons

A community reconvenes throughout the year for rest, reflection, reconnection, and restoration with themselves, one another, and creation.


growing together through focused reflection

Participants will have time for individual reflection, small group discussion, and plenary sessions on a topic.



explore a specific topic

Provide an opportunity to dive into reflection and action on a specific topic of interest.



focused on skill growth & development

Typically shorter in duration, these opportunities provide a time for intensive exploration of a skill set.


Facilitation & Consulting

addressing the needs of your congregation, community, and/or ORGANIZATION

We offer retreat leadership, preaching/speaking engagements, staff and team development, and conference workshops.


Explore perspectives, increase clarity, and focus actions in life & work

Grow self-awareness, creativity, and resilience in a safe, confidential setting through conversation and deep listening.

The question we most commonly ask is the ‘what’ question - what ideas form the essence of leadership? When the conversation goes a bit deeper, we ask the ‘how’ question - what methods and techniques are required to lead well? Occasionally, when it goes deeper still we ask the ‘why’ question - for what purpose or to what ends do we pursue leadership? But seldom, if ever, do we ask the ‘who’ question - who is the self that leads? How does the quality of my selfhood form or deform the way I relate to my colleagues, my work, my world? How can institutions sustain and deepen the selfhood from which good leadership comes?
— Dr. Parker J. Paker, in The Courage to Teach