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Courage to Lead

  • Lake Huron Retreat Center 8794 Lakeshore Road Burtchville, MI, 48059 United States (map)

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

~ Maya Angelou

Harvesting & Planting Seeds of True Self

November 15-17, 2019

We must generate a sense of personal voice and agency.

(Habit of the Heart)

“Insight and energy give rise to new life as we speak and act, expressing our version of truth while checking and correcting it against the truths of others. But many of us lack confidence in our own voices and in our power to make a difference. … And yet it remains possible for us, young and old alike, to find our voices, learn how to use them, and know the satisfaction that comes from contributing to positive change…“ ~ Parker J. Palmer

What song is your voice singing? What blog is your heart writing? What moves is your soul dancing? Singing, writing, and dancing you embody the essence of who you are. And, your song, blog, and dance - your truth, your beauty - need to be shared with the world.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
— Rumi

Beauty? Not all of us feel that we are beautiful, have a voice worthy of sharing, and/or are able to embody and express it freely. We may feel it is not our place or we do not know enough, are not articulate enough, do not read enough, are not worthy enough to enter into conversation. We may choose the easy route of getting along with people instead of speaking our truth into the world for people to engage with and together grow through sharing our ideas, perspectives, and hopes. 

Or, we may find our “true self” obfuscated by the chatter of the world, the clutter of our minds, and the uncertainty of our hearts. In these times, the dissonant discourse distracts and disconnects our deepest sense of who we are, and by extension our personal voice and our public persona overshadows our authenticity. 

And, when we lose the sense of personal voice, we frequently find ourselves lacking agency. For, if we do not know, name, and nurture who we are, how can we interact with people from a place of integrity and together, co-create sacred space, co-create a beautiful world.


We live in a world that is less than what it holds the capacity and potential to be without the voice of each person.

This 3-day retreat will offer you an opportunity to explore, claim, nurture, and share your voice, your truth, in solitude and community. In solitary reflection, small group connections, plenary conversation, creative process, and an opportunity to nurture our relationship with nature, we’ll harvest the bounty of our voices as they have grown to this point in our lives, celebrate our community’s cornucopia, identify and plant seeds of our “true self,” and water the garden we planted. Clearness Committees, a Quaker discernment process is the capstone of the retreat.

Together, we hold the potential to transform ourselves and the communities we interact with with our voice. You are invited to join this Circle of Trust®.

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Please do not let cost keep you away. If a partial scholarship would make a difference, please contact Sarah Hescheles:

Continuing education credit may be available for this retreat.

Courage & Renewal® Retreat Leadership Sarah Hescheles

You are invited to the shores of Lake Huron for a time set apart to deepen your experience of:

My habits form my leadership.

Wholeness seemed elusive, a bit out of reach, until I participated in a Circle of Trust® retreat. Now, I am living more authentically from a place my soul hungered and longed for, but kept missing. That place is where I encounter the fullness of my life when given time and safety to listen deeply and attentively to my inner wisdom - my “hidden wholeness.” Today, I live, lead, and serve with greater confidence and courage, as I journey toward living a wholehearted life.
— past participant in Courage to Lead

Questions, please contact:

Sarah Hescheles |

Retreat Venue

Littleton Lodge & Ragland Lodge

Lake Huron Retreat Center

Burtchville, Michigan

(14 miles north of Port Huron, Michigan)

Courage & Renewal® in Michigan
Since 1995, thousands of leaders in varied fields have participated in Courage to Teach®, Courage to Lead®, and Circle of Trust® introductory retreats and retreat series. This internationally recognized work was developed over 25 years ago in Southwest Michigan with the support of The Fetzer Institute, Kalamazoo, MI. 

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