Why consider coaching?

Coaching is a co-creative partnership in which a coach supports and accompanies a coachee as they seek to uncover the idea(s), thought(s), and/or belief(s) that holds everything in a stuck place and/or they seek to gain greater clarity around a specific topic/decision they are wrestling with personally and/or professionally. Using questions and deep listening, a coach and coachee enter into a process which assists the coachee in:

  • discovering limiting beliefs, assumptions, and/or expectations they hold which are keeping them from moving forward in a specific direction and/or identifying and reaching their objectives;

  • increasing their creative capacity through inviting the coachee to re-imagine possibilities and process ideas differently; and

  • examining various opportunities for authentic engagement and action.

Through exploring new ways of thinking about the situation(s) and developing a plan to apply insights, a coachee works towards achieving their desired outcomes. Unlike counseling, spiritual direction, mentoring, teaching, or consulting, coaching challenges the coachee to think differently and discover a new perspective which, in turn, invites and initiates movement toward action. Coaching is an opportunity to intentionally attend to your outer life through considering the places where your inner life encourages, guides, or inhibits you from moving forward.

Potential coachees will receive a free introductory session with Sarah. This will provide a time of mutual discernment about whether to move forward with a coaching program.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching and/or would like to schedule an introductory session, please fill out the below form.